RSS_PHP; RSS 0.91 Parser Test Results

RSS_PHP is a free RSS Parser for PHP 5+ - the full introduction is available on the main RSS_PHP Parser page.

RDF Site Summary 0.91 Test

This test uses the original sample RSS 0.91 file hosted at userland. As with all tests on, this a live test.

The RSS_PHP Test File

require_once '../../rss_php.php';

    $rss = new rss_php;


    print_r($rss->getRSS()); #print all rss without attributes

RSS 0.91 Results

These results are generate by including the above test file.

Strict Standards: Accessing static property encoding_iconv::$iso88591Rename as non static in /home/rssphp/public_html/encoding/iconv.php on line 36
Array ( [rss] => Array ( [channel] => Array ( [title] => WriteTheWeb [link] => [description] => News for web users that write back [language] => en-us [copyright] => Copyright 2000, WriteTheWeb team. [managingEditor] => [webMaster] => [image] => Array ( [title] => WriteTheWeb [url] => [link] => [width] => 88 [height] => 31 [description] => News for web users that write back ) [item:0] => Array ( [title] => Giving the world a pluggable Gnutella [link] => [description] => WorldOS is a framework on which to build programs that work like Freenet or Gnutella -allowing distributed applications using peer-to-peer routing. ) [item:1] => Array ( [title] => Syndication discussions hot up [link] => [description] => After a period of dormancy, the Syndication mailing list has become active again, with contributions from leaders in traditional media and Web syndication. ) [item:2] => Array ( [title] => Personal web server integrates file sharing and messaging [link] => [description] => The Magi Project is an innovative project to create a combined personal web server and messaging system that enables the sharing and synchronization of information across desktop, laptop and palmtop devices. ) [item:3] => Array ( [title] => Syndication and Metadata [link] => [description] => RSS is probably the best known metadata format around. RDF is probably one of the least understood. In this essay, published on my O'Reilly Network weblog, I argue that the next generation of RSS should be based on RDF. ) [item:4] => Array ( [title] => UK bloggers get organised [link] => [description] => Looks like the weblogs scene is gathering pace beyond the shores of the US. There's now a UK-specific page on, and a mailing list at egroups. ) [item:5] => Array ( [title] => more important than anything [link] => [description] => Whatever you're publishing on the web, your site name is the most valuable asset you have, according to Carl Steadman. ) ) ) )

Other Supported Versions of RSS supported by RSS_PHP

RSS_PHP works with all versions of RSS, including related modules, attributes and extensions, currently tested and verified against:

Full documentation and examples of RSS_PHP are available on the site, and you can download the latest version of RSS_PHP for use in your PHP applications for free.

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