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RSS_PHP is available in two versions; RSSPHP Free (v1) and RSSPHP Commercial (v3)

RSS_PHP Commercial (v3) is available with single purchase required for unlimited domain / installation usage.

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About RSS_PHP Commercial (v3)

This commercial release contains all functionality of the free version while adding advanced functionality to make it useful for further uses (its now more of an XML-PHP) ;)

  • Full XML support, parse anything XML Based
  • Array to XML conversion, convert XML to Arrays and Arrays to XML
  • XML Modification, turn XML into an array, change values and write the XML back out, preserving the original formatting
  • Encoding Detection and automatic conversion to UTF-8
  • XPath support and functionality
  • Greater flexibility with the addition of getElementsByTagName and getValuesByTagName
  • Preliminary atom support; you can parse it but atom specific methods have not yet been defined
  • Support of Namespaces and ProcessingInstructions
  • Custom Integrated HTTP Transport Handler

Download RSS_PHP v3

Commercial Version only $15 USD
This developer version allows unlimited installation and usage on unlimited domains
Buy Now Instant download available upon purchase

RSS_PHP Free (v1)

RSS_PHP v1 a RSS Parser and XML Parser for PHP 5+, utilising the DOM to parse any valid XML Document including RSS, with provisional support for ATOM feeds.

Unlike many RSS Parsers, RSS_PHP also gives you full access to every part of the original RSS feed; including RSS attributes, RSS extensions, XML namespaces, XML stylesheets and node values.

This version is perfect for most RSS parsing applications. It is ideal for users not needing the advanced functionality of RSS_PHP Commercial.

The original RSS parser for PHP5 is freely available for download and use. [ download RSS_PHP free from sourceforge ]

A Short RSS_PHP Example :: Remote RSS to JSON for use with AJAX

Here's a simple solution to convert Google News RSS to JSON using RSS_PHP:

require_once 'rss_php.php';    

    $rss = new rss_php;

    echo json_encode($rss->getRSS());

Full documentation and more examples of RSS_PHP are available on this site. Along with some more information. Logo


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